The Cap: Bounce Essential Deep Conditioning Cap Review

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

As simple as I try to keep my regimen these days I'm pretty much using 2 products! I'm still a huge fan of deep conditioning, not only for the benefits but the ritual. It's definitely some of the only me time I get with the 3 year old around.

I'm a huge fan of pre pooing and deep conditioning both benefit from being heated. This opens the hair follicles in order for the conditioner or oil to penetrate the hair shaft.

I'm usually a plastic bag and microwave towel kind of girl though I have tried a few products such as the Heat Cap which  exploded  and a heat turban that gave my ears third degree burns so I was apprehensive about using Bounce Essential Hair Deep Conditioning Cap.

But praise the Lord I think I may have found the right cap for me [though not the most  sexy!] This cap is really REALLY good. The DC cap should be used for 25minutes this is a good amount of time to get the most out of your chosen products it's really easy to use which is a huge bonus for me.

 There are many pros to this cap so I'm going to list them

  • The pink cap is large so it will fit a healthy head of hair without issues
  • It has a removable inner cover that can be washed so you can use your messiest clay concoction without worry. 
  • It also has an adjustable toggle that will fit most heads snugly. 
  • My favorite function is the heat settings, it has two heat setting so no more 3rd degree burns for me! 
  • The cap has a plug the cable isn't very long, so you will need to sit with it near a power source, I'm quite happy to have an excuse to sit for 25 minutes so this is another pro

The only negatives would be that it doesn't have a uk plug, you will need to purchase an adapter however it's worth the few pounds for a universal plug. It's also not the most attractive head gear, [thought the hubby said I look like queen Nefertiti and she was a famous beauty so....]

Overall the DC cap does the job and some so far I've used it to deep condition, pre poo and to dry my wigs! Yes after co washing my wigs I spend up drying time by popping on the heat cap, it doesn't disturb the curls like a blow dryer would and the heat isn't so high that it can cause any damage. I'm really impressed with the DC cap its definitely the most fuss free cap I've tried and at £41 it's not a bad price for something that will last quite a few years find out more here


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