The Interview: Freddie Harrel Talks Clip Ins, Fair Hair & Her Natural Hair Regimen

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Happy Hump day loves! it's been a crazy few weeks but I had to make time to interview one of my favorite humans Mrs Freddie Harrel, stylist, blogger, confidence coach and now super dupa creator of fair hair brand Big Hair No Care! I managed to grab the Parisian beauty for a natter about her newest venture and you guessed it, her natural hair regimen

Congratulations on the launch of Big Hair No Care, how did this venture come about?

Thank you! I love the idea of trying new things when it comes to my career, I’ve done a lot of different jobs over the years and I’m now in a place where I really enjoy exploring my creativity and different personalities. I have a fashion blog, I run confidence workshops, then I wanted to start my own business, explore my inner Olivia Pope ahah. When it comes to hair, I’m no expert, but I know how I like mine: healthy and bushy. For the healthy part, I have my own routine but for the bushy part, I love to use extensions. I don’t like using human hair so I used to get synthetic hair from the shops but I never really like it, it’s too coated, plasticky and shiny. So I found a supplier a few years ago, and we worked on how I wanted my clips to be. At the time, I never thought I’d sell it, I just wanted easy and flawless hair. But with the exposure the blog gave me, I realized I had a really good product and thought, since so many women seem to like my hair, let’s share the love hehe!

Hair extensions are big business what makes Big Hair No Care stand out?

BHNC Zero Drama Queen

We are 0% human hair and very very proud to be! We don’t wish to diss human hair sellers and buyers, but I think that many people don’t realize the level of unfairness behind the human hair industry, and why would they? It’s sold everywhere! But there are countless reports of women being attacked or forced to give their hair. Human hair cost a fortune but the donator never gets much. And because I’m so passionate about women empowerment (which is why I founded SHE Unleashed), I didn’t want to wear or sell a product as superficial as fake hair, at the expense of someone else’s beauty. Especially that in many Asian countries, the beauty and value of a woman depends a lot on the length of her hair – I didn’t want to be a part of that. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not lecturing anyone. I know that a lot of the clothes I wear are not made by happy women, but that’s at least an area where I know my impact is lowered.
The there’s the money issue. Beauty has never been a huge passion for me, so that’s not where I put my money (but don’t get me started on clothes) or my efforts. I never saw the point of spending a fortune on hair, and then a lot of time on maintaining it to make the investment worthwhile. We’re proud to be affordable, students can get involved without breaking the bank, that’s how beauty should be to me: easy!
We’re also care free! You basically don’t need to do much past installation, we tell people they can use spray if they want but I don’t! I don’t comb or brush it (only the first time, to get the desired texture), I simply don’t sleep in it but that’s pretty it. We think that you should save the love and care (and expensive products) for your own hair, the rest shouldn’t matter! So if you’re lazy and clueless like me, it’s the perfect hair!

BHNC The Laid Back Blow Out

Now let talk about your own amazing Barnet! What's your hair regimen?

I wash my hair every two weeks, and use a no-poo once a week. I usually start by damping it and applying coconut oil (and sometimes castor oil) on it, I leave it for 30mns. Then I rinse it a little bit but not too much, and apply shampoo. I only shampoo once though, I don’t need my hair to be squeaky clean! Then I apply conditioner, usually leaves it fro around 20mns, I rinse it and finish off with a mask that I leave for 30mns plus. Before I rinse I detangle my hair with a Tangle Teaser brush and rinse it. Then I apply a little bit of coconut oil while it’s still damp, let it air dry a little bit. And then I apply moisiturizer, some curl pudding and I twist it all and roll it in bantu knots, or I put it in cornrows.

What are your go to hair products?

Shampoo: Shea Moisture (Yucca and Plantain range), Mizani True Textures, Charlotte Mensah
Conditioner: Shea Moisture (Yucca and Plantain range), Mizani True Textures
Mask: Mizani Supreme Oil Mask, Shea Mositure Deep Treatment Mask
Pudding: Mizani True Textures (it’s ridiculously good)
Moisturizing oil: Charlotte Mensah

As a long time clip in wearer how do you maintain a healthy scalp?

I don’t sleep with clip-ins on and I spray my hair every single day with a Shea Moisture spray, or I put some Charlotte Mensah oil on my roots. I also twist or braid my hair every single day. It sounds like a lot, but I’m so used to it it takes me 10mns

Now let's talk blending like many I had no idea you where wearing clips ins what's your secret?

That’s how good BHNC is ahaha! First, I twist my hair with some pudding almost every day so it usually looks good, I also brush my clips a lot – some women like to keep bouncy curls but I don’t have bouncy curls unless my hair is wet. And finally, I put the clips at the back and none at the front.

You are so many peoples hair crush so who is yours?

You! I adore Solange too, Fatou Ndiaye from BlackBeautyBag, Neffy Fro Fro, the Itari Inemi twins, Julia Sarr-Jamois, and many more!

Check out Big Hair No Care here they are available exclusively at Antidote Street


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