The Wig Witch: Wig Making Service

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

If you have been following me on IG you will know of my love for wigs, I've been wearing them exclusively since my battle with hair loss almost 2 years ago and have become quite the pro [if I do say so myself] after much MUCH peer pressure I have caved and have have begun making wigs for others. The Wig Witch is a custom wig making service, built to offer you your perfect wig, whether you are a long time wearer of wigs or just want to change it up every now and then The Wig Witch got your back!

The Wig Witch can craft your wig using any hair you choose, so you can buy hair within your budget. Synthetic or human hair The Wig Witch can make any hair look amazing. The Wig Witch offers professional colour services, so you can experiment with colours without damaging your natural hair and we also offer styling services so you can have a modern do tailored to you.

The Wig Witch does not supply hair, one the main reasons is to give consumers more choices, not everyone wants to use human hair, not everyone has a huge budget, this allows you the freedom to create a truly custom wig.

The Wig Witch was created to give women a choice, to boost the confidence of WOC who suffer from hair loss and also give women a truly protective hair style [the wig witch uses minimal combs and will offer workshops on how to properly wear your wig] The Wig Witch specializes in working with curly textures that mimic natural hair types for seamless blending [people will think it's witchcraft!] Though The Wig Witch doesn't supply hair, I do work closely with hair brands offering advice on texture matches and discounts with my favorite companies.

I'm currently offering $10 [£6.90] off your bill when you buy Kurly Klips wefted hair and closures available exclusively via

visit for more details on getting your very own custom wig.


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