The Ethical Clip Ins: Big Hair No Care By Freddie Harrel

Friday, May 13, 2016

I'm always being asked about synthetic hair, be it wigs or wefts there is a huge demand for good quality non human hair. I have definitely been on the search for a more ethical option that doesn't compromise on the look of the hair [nothing worse than shiny plastic looking hair!] Top blogger Freddie Harrel has the answer the ├╝ber blogger with the massive fro has finally let us all in on her hair "secret" and now we can have her hair too. 

Big Hair No Care by Freddie Harrel is a line of premium synthetic extensions the line is available at antidote street and offers clip ins and wefts in two textures "the laid-back blowout" a kinky straight texture and "the zero drama queen" an Afro kinky texture.

 I received 4 sets of clip ins [18"] in each texture for review. And I'm impressed. I'm super fussy when it comes to hair, I spent to many years wearing super shiny unrealistic hair growing up that any hint of plastic in hair has me running for the hills but Big Hair No Care has nailed it!, especially with the laid-back blowout, it's hands down my favorite of the two, the luster is amazing, the texture and feel rivals my human kinky straight extensions [YES!] This hair doesn't feel synthetic its soft and textured and the kinky straight texture hasn't tangled after a few wears. 

The Zero Drama Queen or the Afro kinky takes a little getting used to as it comes in perfect spirals in order to achieve a more afro look like Freddie's hair you do need to fluff if out but once that is done it looks pretty good. Styling the hair is simple it really is easy once you get the right amount of fluffage. The clips themselves are comfortable, I have sensitive scalp and managed to go a full day without them irritating me. 

This hair does tangle over time and due to it being synthetic it will not last super long depending on usage I'd say 8-12 weeks. However Big Hair No Care have a subscription service, that auto send out your hair when you need "topping up" which is an amazing idea!  These are a great idea for adding body and length. The hair also comes in wefted hair so you can sew in or make a wig using this hair. Big Hair No Care is a good price and contains 0% human hair. The hair extension industry is largely unregulated for as many companies that source their hair from legitimate donors and pay a fair price there are twice as many that don't, in some cases hair is being obtained illegally. Big hair no care means you don't have to worry about sourcing as the hair is synthetic. I'll definitely be re buying "the laid back blowout" I'm all about performance and this hair does the trick and most importantly looks good. 

Big Hair No Care is now available for pre orders at Antidote Street


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