The Hair Oil: Manketti Hair Oil By Charlotte Mensah

Thursday, April 14, 2016
Another day and another one of my favourite people have released a hair line Uber stylist Charlotte Mensah award winning hair stylist and just a lovely lady has launched a line aptly named Charlotte Mensah, I was sent the Manketti Hair Oil. 

Charlotte has over 26 years experience in the hair industry so I’m not surprised that she has released such a hard working product. Manketti Oil has softens, hydrates and can even be used to detangle all hair types. Manketti Oil in the Hair Oil is ethically sourced from the Manketti Nut which grows on the Mongongo Tree in Northern Namibia. Rich in Vitamin E, calcium, protein and zinc it definitely has a lot going for it. Manketti oil is high in poly-saturated fatty acids, which aid in helping moisture stay locked into hair for longer so great for those who love the LOC method but want something that’s not heavy. 

The Manketti Hair oil is said to be highly concentrated, so you only need a few drops on the scalp or 5-6 drops on each section of hair  if you are wanting to lock in moisture and add shine. This product works well on my hair and my wig hair, I used it on my leave out and on my wig. I apply Manketti oil to add a little softness and shine, it also smells amazing! this is a great oil to used when taking down twists, as the shine and softness is amazing, also it can be used on wet or dry hair [multi tasking woohoo!!]. I really like the packaging of this product, I really wish more brands would spend more time on packing their products so that it reflects the price, this comes in a great glass bottle with dropper lid, at £36 its reasonable for a high end product and it will last a while due to dropper as you can't use to much. This is a great oil if you don't want to much build up, I found it very light weight. Manketti hair oils contains no SLS, Parabens or Silicones*.

My only negative would be that the website doesn't have a full ingredients list, I personally would like to decide before I’ve purchased if the ingredients are suitable for me. one of the first ingredients listed is Cyclopentasiloxane which is synthetically manufactured and derived from silicone* it's not particularly bad for you but like any product patch test if you have sensitive skin. due to some of the ingredients I chose not to use it on my scalp just my hair [lengths and ends] and extensions.


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