The Betty Bangs: Beautylocks Hair Initial Review

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Got to try another UK based hair company this past month this time it's at Beautylocks, famed for it's collabs with some of the most glamorous bloggers, and seen as I'm obviously super glam [not at all] I thought I'd give this a try. I wanted to try a completely different look from what I usually go for. You all know by now That I've been protective styling for over a year [and with great results!] I've tried most textures and this time round I wanted something a little sleeker but not poker straight and in a longer length, enter Mongolian Kinky Straight, a texture that can do the pin straight look or the slightly textured 'relaxed' or expertly blown out look. I've also been inwardly yearning for Betty Bangs,which isn't really achievable with my natural hair. I was sent 3 bundles of Mongolian Kinky Straight in 16,18,20 inches and a 16" closure for review. 

Obviously this hair wasn't going to blend with my hair so I decided to  make a full wig with a Betty Bang, and I've had loads of complements from this hair. The quality of the hair is great, it moves well and all the bundles where the same colour and quality. Personally I don't really care when brands claim hair is Brazilian, Russian or Indian as long as the hair good quality and company has good practices when it comes to their suppliers and sourcing. Beautylocks Mongolian hair is the thickest hair texture making it ideal for textured or more natural looks as it has lots of body and a low lustre. Beautylocks hair is very soft and curls well the curls hold all day, which I've found to be a problem with other kinky straight textures. Beauty Locks do offer textured or curly hair, so for those like myself who love to experiment with big hair Beautylocks got you!

I'm impressed with this hair so far, I think it gives me a quirky look thanks to my awesome Betty Bang, I use heat on the fringe to keep it smooth and in the style of a pin up girl, I always use heat protector spray as the hair is 100% human so will break and split if not cared for. Only negatives which I’ve found with a few brands in regards to kinky straight hair not being textured all the way to the ends, their is about  an inch of hair that looks straighter and wispy at the ends, I just cut them off but for those who want to wear their hair at it's true length if might be an issue.

That being said styling and cutting this hair is easy, I cut in the Betty Bang my self [aided by Youtube] a Betty Bang is just a fringe usually shaped to resemble a semicircle above the eyebrows. I made this wig with a spandex wig cap for the first time and I’m sold on this method, perfect fit!

So if you fancy changing it up and want to shop from a UK brand check out Beautylocks, they offer discounts for birthdays & brides which I thought was awesome and they even mention it on their website, because lets face it in the real world we want to use hair extensions to glam up our look for special occasions, this id definitely special occasion diva hair! GET IT GIRL!


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