Caresse's inspirational story

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hi my name is Caress Wilson, I can remember  being three and not liking how I look. As a little girl I would pick myself apart I hated everything about the way I looked. There was this one time I was riding in the back seat of my dads car staring in the rare view mirror at myself and I hated what I saw I was eight years old. When I turned about 12 I started to defined how I felt about myself based on how I thought my hair made me look.  There fore, I constantly changed my hair style causing so much damage to my hair. Two years ago at the age of 24 I had started to do some soul searching and also had just had my second child. 

At this point of time I no longer knew what to do in regards to my hair I had been doing my own braids and sew-ins but with two kids I no longer had the time or money to do my own hair or pay to go to the beauty shop.  Then something told me to give dreadlocks a try. I was scared so I went to YouTube and Googled some images of women with dreadlocks as well as instructions on how to do them. So after a month or so of contemplating on rather or not to do dreadlocks I decided to do dreadlocks in my hair. I can say that the journey of my hair was one of many paths but I must say I do believe that I absolutely love my hair now and not just because it makes me beautiful.



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