Why It's Important That Shea Moisture is Now Available in Boots

Friday, February 12, 2016

Shea Moisture products are now available on the UK high street! no more buying online or getting American relatives to ship crazy amounts of Curl Enhancing Smoothie!
Shea Moisture is now available in Boots, it IS in most boots! it did take me a while to find it as it was not in the black hair section. Shea Moisture products are for all hair types but many of the fans [like myself] may have missed it in their local boots as it is with the free from products in the hair care sections.

Some [i've had several comment an messages regarding this] feel that the brand has positioned itself outside of the black hair care market even though it's core audience [If online reviews are to be believed] are WOC and if not for the UK natural hair community [primarily made up of black women] that Shea Moisture would not have had such a successful launch in the UK. I'm not sure if Shea Moisture was ever a brand that solely catered for POC, I think it is just a brand that we have taken to our hearts over the years due to it's origins as a proudly black owned company, natural ingredients and effective products.

After Discussing with another blogger who made a great point, she got me thinking......Shea Moistures arrival could be so important for black hair care brands in the UK. If they are successful this could open doors for all the UK brands that would give their left arm for a space in a retailer like Boots. If they are successful this could mean more inclusion for WOC on the UK high street, so I urge to purchase the hell out of Shea Moisture in Boots! because we need this to happen.

Retailers such as boots and superdrug have one answer when it comes to stocking products for WOC "it doesn't sell" so lets prove them wrong and in turn lets see more representation of WOC in your marketing [boots and superdrug] of brands that DO cater for WOC if we don't see ourselves in the images you share then how are we to know that such products exist? we are not all social media mavens some people only shop on the high street so the UK high street needs to start catering for what the UK actually looks like today.

Yes we can continue to buy from indie brands, but in order for these lesser known black owned businesses to actually push though and make real changes we need to ensure we celebrate these victories.

This is why I have purchased some Shea Moisture products from Boots and will continue to do so, their products at the end of the day are very good, they have great ingredients and are reasonably priced [though not yet priced at the US equivalent]

you can check stockists of Shea Moisture at Boots here


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