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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Remedy Skin & Hair Care Extravaganza

"The Remedy Skin & Beauty Product line featuring 100% Shea Butter & African Black Soap. It's whipped ready to use. All homemade using premium essential oils all natural ingredients: Scalp butter, Body Butters, Bath OIls, Massage Oils and Body Oils. NEVER ANY Sulfates, Perfumes, Dyes, Synthetics, nor Parabens. We'll have gift baskets for those special occasions ie., Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays of Course, which is our Valpak get yours today, just log on to Tiffany's website: to browse and also online shopping! Reasonably price just $1 per oz. There's something for EVERYBODY! Come join us at The Remedy Skin & Hair Care it would be an Extravaganza!

African Black Soap (Black Soap Sensations)
Home Made recipe made in its purest & natural form, conditioned to be soft and gentle to the hair and scalp, free from chemicals and harsh agents that strips the hair of its natural oils, which leaves your hair hard, dry and brittle. Black Soap Sensations is specialized for persons of color, this brand is formulated to nourish, repair and rejuvenate the scalp while conditioning the hair. Designed for naturals, Virgin hair, Afros, Braids, Marley Dread locs, Sista Locs, Brotha Locs, Twists, Cornrows, wait there’s more; also can be used as a facial wash to treat mild Acne, blemishes and for Oily & Dry skin it’s a remarkable balancing cleanser, which is ingrained with healing properties, men there’s good news for you as well, shampoo beard and/or goatee area followed up with the Mahogany Butter brush hair as usual. Passion Fruit Scent.

Mahogany (Scalp Butter) 
After wash Scalp Butter.  Used for post wash/leave-in and for daily use scalp butter. Can be used on damp or dry scalp. Recommended, use after washing with Black Soap Sensations (African Black Soap) for sheen and moistness. Best used for clean shaven bald head, freshly shaved facial or body hair, light weight, gentle won't clog scalp pores or suffocate the hair follicles. Say goodbye to petroleum and mineral oil filled grease. Your scalp will Thank You for it. Apricot Scent.

Sunburst Citrus Blend Bath Oil
Sit back and luxuriate while being surrounded by a citrus orchard with bursting botanicals, free your mind & enjoy. Let the aroma therapy take its effect stepping out the bath or shower refreshed (Make this your NEW baby oil), which can be customized to your individual needs i.e., favorite scents, muscle relaxant, delicate skin. Use as a massage oil, have your significant other, give you a much deserved rub down especially for those hard to reach places. Citrus Scent.

Shea Baby Body Butter
Skin Butter for skin care from head to toe highly concentrated especially for elbows, knees, Achilles area & soles of feet. Best used immediately after bathing or showering, Use for overall body butter.  Leaves skin hydrated and moist NEVER have to reapply leaving you with a natural glow all throughout the day. Mango Scent.

Liquid Gold Hot Oil Treatment
Developed for trouble spots of the scalp & for Hot Oil Treatment; for spot treatment, gently massage oil in bald spot(s), nerves spot(s), thinning spot(s), the warm Lavender & Apricot is the effective ingredient among other essential oils, after 6-8 weeks peach fuzz will begin to appear. Hot Oil Treatment is to be used prior to washing hair on damp or wet hair, preferred method is to thoroughly rinse and apply treatment, for once or twice a month therapy treatment system. Lavender Scent."   - Tiffany, Remedy Skin & Hair Care Extravaganza


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