Meet Veronica!

Monday, February 29, 2016
I was born with tight fine curls. As a young child, mom believed in getting my hair pressed for special occasions and rarely allowed me to wear my hair out. At the age of 13 I convinced my mom to let me get a jehri curl and after two years, hated my hair. Against her better judgement, she allowed me to convince her to relax my and it broke off terribly, leaving with damaged hair and a bruised ego.

At the age of 18 I joined the Air Force and learned to care for my hair using low end box relaxers, because I couldn’t afford nor did I want to save for regular salon visits. Overtime, my hair became thin and damage.

When I turned 40, after going through postpartum shedding twice, I decided that maybe I could get back the hair I once had as a child. In June 2004, I made the decision to never relax again. I was afraid to ‘big chop’, so I found a local stylist who cut off my relaxed ends every 6-8 weeks until all the relaxer was gone. Slowly, I saw my hair change, into the hair that I remembered as a child.

Today, I am 3 years and 11 months (flat iron free) and my hair is blossoming and healthier than it’s ever been.


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