The Costume: Black Wednesday Addams Makeup

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I find it hard to come up with Halloween costumes ideas, no one ever gets who I'm suppose to be and always end up being a sexy black cat, this year I decided to be my spirit animal Wednesday Addams. 
This Halloween look took embarrassingly little makeup to achieve, the look was created by using only;

1 X black or dark grey eyeshadow
1 X dark brown cream foundation [I used one from a contouring kit]
1 X HD powder or talc
1 X dark lipstick [I used matte lip lacquer from Make Up Revolution]  

I achieved this look by contouring and highlighting with black eyeshadow, concentrating under the eyes and the inner eye to give that sunken [dead] look. I also contoured my cheeks mixing brown foundation to give a naturally gaunt look. I finished with translucent hd power I went in heavy with this to give myself a ghoulish complexion, it also acts a setting powder and gives a matte finish.


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