The DIY Wig: Using Pretty Kinks Hair

Friday, September 4, 2015

As promised here is the DIY U-part wig how to. I used Pretty Kinks hair in the kinky straight texture.

To create this look you will need:

  • 2 bundles of Pretty Kinks wefted hair in kinky straight [1 X 16" and 1 X 18" bundles]

  • 1 wig cap [you can get these from Amazon for around £6] these wig caps come with combs attached but you can buy additional combs for wig security. 

  • Weaving thread [this is a strong thread used for hair weaves]

  • A curved weaving needle 

  • A foam wig head

  • Pins

  • Scissors

Step 1: make sure you have the items above, ensure  your wig cap fits your head and the foam wig head [you can enlarge a foam wig head by wrapping it in cling film until it is big enough]

Step 2: place you wig cap on your foam head you can use some pins to secure it for when you begin sewing

Step 3: untie your hair bundles, you may want to make sure you have enough space to spread the hair out [ at this point you can use a weft sealant to seal your hair wefts]

Step 4: starting from the base/nape of your foam head pin the  weft into place trace the weft along the nape and pin to the opposite side [ this will make it easier to sew keeping the weft tight to the foam head]

Step 5: sew the weft down to secure the end sew through the weft several times then use a blanket stitch along the weft the secure to the wig cap

Step 6: there is no need to cut the wefts, you can sew the hair in one length and fold the hair when you reach each end. Ensure your fold is flat to the wig cap to avoid bulk you should be able  apply the hair in a zig zag pattern from left to right. the wefts should be spaced half an inch apart. At the end of each zig zag secure the weft by sewing through the weft several times.

Step 7: at some point usually in the centre on the wig your first weft will run out secure it to the end of the zig zag formation and cut off the excess. Repeat step 4 with the new weft starting when the last weft left off. When you start getting to the top of the wig pack the wefts closer together following the shape of the U-part. When you come to the end [when all the wig is covered with wefted hair] cut off the excess. You should be left with a U-part wig.

Step 8: you can then cut into the wig if need and style as desired.

Two bundles of pretty kinks hair is enough for a u part wig my wig cap is a size large. Due to the thickness of the hair you can space the hair out more without revealing wefts is you decide to make a straighter wig you made need more than 2 bundles of hair. The pretty kinks hair is great to work with and allows for a heat free blend as it matches stretched 4c hair [I stretch my hair by sleeping with my hair in a pony tail]


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