The Wraps: ChilliPeppa On Etsy

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Another day another mumtrepreneur kicking ass, Chillipeppa is an amazing Etsy store serving up beautiful African print handmade items, from wedding invites to the amazing African print head wraps that I'm modelling.

Chillipeppa always has the most beautiful prints available and it stood to reason that she would make these fab wraps, she has several print options on her Esty but she is also happy to customise wraps from any of the print you see on her page.

You already know how much of a lover of head wraps I am, they are a life saver for my many bad hair days, these are the perfect shape and size for an easy wrap that looks good every time. 

The wraps are £16 be sure to check out the goodies on  offer here and follow @chillipeppa_on_etsy on Instagram. 


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