The Vegan Bags: Sustainable Fashion + Love Beatrice Review

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I'm currently looking at cleaning up my closet, it's a slow process, that is hard for a certified shopaholic like me! As I've gotten older I'm becoming more and more focused on investing in quality fashion items as opposed to fast fashion that falls apart even faster. This has lead me to think more consciously about who I am buying from and adjusting my buying habits, such as...

  1. Buying second hand or vintage
  2. Re working or up cycling clothes I already have
  3. Asking myself "do I really need it?"
  4. If I do really need it buying it to last
  5. Research, there is lots of information online about the sustainability of high street brands  
  6. Shopping small and supporting makers!

Number six is one that's close to my heart, instead of giving my hard earned queen faces to large corps we should be supporting smaller sellers and brands. I've come across so many wonderful brands such as Love Beatrice, an ethical  and sustainable brand creating handmade vegan leather totes, satchels and clutch bags. 

Handmade by Shana in California, she sources all her materials so that they are in line with her mission for sustainability, from vegan friendly leather to  organic cotton zippers. I have a Love Beatrice Sade Clutch and Nalani Bucket Bag. I use the bucket bag daily, I can not get enough of it, it's strong [I need this due to all the Freya crap I have to carry!] and doubles up as a toddler bag.

I also love the popular Sade Clutch which is definitely  a fashionista must have, that can go from day to night. All the bags come in a selection of colours and are fully lined with punchy prints. Prices start at a very reasonable $20 you can check out the full range here

These bags are a great way to update and uplift your wardrobe it's guilt free and won't break the bank. 
stay tuned for more posts on my sustainable fashion journey that will not break the bank! and coment below your tips on eco friendly shopping.


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