The Quickie How To: Easy Sleek Low Puff/Bun On Short Hair

Thursday, July 30, 2015

How do I get my short 4C hair into a sleek bun/low puff? this is one of the most frequently asked questions, it's pretty simple really Eco Styler Gel, a Soft/waves brush and a head wrap.

Eco Styler is still my go to hair gel after all these years of being natural though it has some questionable ingredients I'm yet to find an all natural hair gel that works as well.  

How I sleek my hair:

  • I start with wet hair, and apply eco styler gel in the shower after using leave in conditioner [eco styler doesn't like to play nice with a lot of other products so mix a little with your leave in on your hand if it balls up into little jelly like flakes do not use the combination as it WILL FLAKE IN YOUR HAIR!]

  • I apply a generous amount of eco styler gel, and smooth through my hair, I mix the gel with a little castor oil to avoid crunchy hair when dry this is optional.

  • I use a hair tie to put my hair in a low puff and use a soft waves brush to slick back my hair, whilst my hair is still wet I put on my head scarf over night. When I wake up my hair is in a sleek low puff no pins should be needed as the gel binds the hair. 

And its that simple! 


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