The Oil: Loofah Oil

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm currently obsessed with Loofah Oil, a cold pressed oil from the loofah plant that grows wild in parts of West Africa. Cucumber like plant is also used as a loofah sponge when dried out [hence the name] the oil comes from the seeds of the plants.

Rich in Linoleic acid which is very moisturising, Loofah seed oil is a restorative and nourishing non-greasy oil which melts well into the skin with a lovely sheen. 
Loofah seed oil or sometimes known as loofah oil has been used in some areas to soothe dry itchy sensitive skin. It also apparently has sunscreen protection. It is excellent for dandruff.

I've been using the oil as a daily moisturiser, for the last 8 weeks, it works great and has UV protective qualities. the oil has a red tinge, which can slightly stain the skin so you must use sparingly when wearing make up as it can change the colour slightly. The smell is quite green if that makes sense, almost a leafy smell. I like to wear this oil when I go make up free as it is a "dry" oil that absorbs into the skin giving a more matte finish. The oil is available to buy from Shea Butter Cottage from £4.90


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