The Co-Wash: Aveda Be Curly Co Wash

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I have Aveda to thank for my love of holistic products, many years ago I started my career in the salon industry with Aveda. And as a brand they definitely got me me thinking about the products I use and there sourcing stories. as the years have passed I have discovered many brands that use organic or natural ingredients so I was delighted when Aveda contacted me to try some products geared towards textured hair. Aveda has always catered to all hair types and I've used ranges such as Dry Remedy and Brilliant. It's been sometime since using Aveda products and some new products have been launched in my absence.

The Be Curly range is geared towards curly hair textures, I have tried the line before and to be honest it did nothing for my type 4 coils. this being said I was using this product back in 2007 before I really learned how to style and work with my texture [I find that hair is 50% product 50% technique!] The Be Curly range has introduced a Co Wash [gentle cleanser] which if the campaign images are anything to go by is targeted at textured hair. 

Co washing is short for conditioner washing, naturals have been just using conditioner to 'wash' their hair for sometime due to the harsh drying and sometime striping ingredients that can be found in some shampoos. many brands have removed these ingredients or products their own co washing products

I've been been using Be Curly Co-wash when I wash n go. I do this every 2-3 days. The Co-wash cleanses enough to remove the gel or product that I've been using to define my wash n go yet it doesn't give a squeaky clean feel. Co-wash needs to be followed up with a conditioner it's not moisturising enough for my thirsty strands. Co-wash is more of a moisturising cleanser than something you can use by itself. I've found it works will as a cleanser, paired with the Be Curly Conditioner it did a fair job at keeping my hair soft but I didn't notice less frizz. I don't think Be Curly is really the right range for highly textured thirsty hair I tried it on Freya and her hair loved it, so I think this is one for a looser curl pattern. 

above is my hair after a wash n go, using be curly co-wash, leave in and a defining gel.

Aveda Products are not 100% natural, the brand is naturally inspired, the Be Curly Co-wash is around £20.50 and is available to purchase from salons or Aveda online


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