The Tassels: DIY Tassel Sandals

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'm on a roll with my DIYs at the moment, if you follow me on Instagram you'll know I've been quite busy up-cycling T-shirts, Bras, Skirts and much more. Some of the items are just for fun and some are available to purchase on my Etsy Shop Label Neutral

"Label Neutral is a concept that has evolved over the years, I've always loved fashion and crafting and Label Neutral is a combination of the two. Label Neutral takes the unwanted and reworks it into something stylish and new from old tees to old bras anything can have new life breathed into it."

Along with my Beauty Blogging and Mama stuff I'll be posting mini DIY projects that anyone can do like the following Tassal Sandals......

One pair of children's [or adults] sandals they need to have a wide section at the front preferable a T-bar
Yarn or Wool
All Purpose Strong Glue
A Book [or stiff piece of card]

H O W   T O

First up we need to make our tassels, You can buy them pre made but why bother when they are so easy to make!
Wrap your wool around a small book [no more than ten inches] wrap your chosen yarn around the book around 10-20 times 

Cut the wool from the book using the scissors at one end of the book, you should be left with one long bundle of yarn.

half the bundle and cut neatly. take one of your yarn bundle and half this. using your finger make a loop with the yarn.

with one strand of yarn tie the bundle together and double knot it.

Take another strand of yarn and tie several times around the top of your bundle of yarn this is what will create your tassel. tie the end of the strand to one of your tassel strands and again double knot it.

You should be left with one tassle! [see easy!] cut your tassel at the end so you have a neat edge.

You will need 2-4 tassels for your child's sandals [more if you are making adult sandals] glue tassels to the sandals. All purpose glue is best because it will bind to all kinds of surfaces.

and there you have a simple way to update a plain pair of sandals! happy DIYing!


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