The Map: Face Mapping & Your Skin

Friday, April 24, 2015

Face Mapping is not a new craze, like many beauty 'trends' it's actually quite an old idea that has been re imagined by some in the beauty industry. Face Mapping has been used for hundreds of years to determine what our skin issues are really trying to tell us about our bodies. Where as today we can use scans and blood tests to determine what our health issues are in the past reading the body was the only way to figure out many of illnesses that occurred.

Face Mapping is a way of reading our breakouts or flare ups on our skin, not only does this aid in cutting down on acne but also indicates other internal problems we may have.

Small Intestines [centre forehead]

Acne here can indicate problems with your small intestines, mainly due to over consumption. cut out or reduce alcohol, rich and greasy foods. spots here can also indicate a food allergy or be a sign of lactose intolerance try cutting out certain foods one by one and take note of the effects this has on your face, you may have an allergy to something you have been consuming for quite some time cutting it out may result in benefits that go more than skin deep.

Liver [T-zone]

If you have been indulging in processed fast foods it may start to show in this area, also over doing it with alcohol can really make this area breakout. again this area can indicate to a food allergy and also tell you if you need more exercise, trying doing some light exercise everyday.

Bladder [temple]

Spots here can indicate dehydration, drinking more water will help your skin greater regardless of where your spots tend to pop up.

Heart [brow, nose, top lip]

Spots in your heart areas can be linked to high blood pressure, get it checked out and also decrease foods that could cause high cholesterol.

Kidneys [under eye area]

This is another area that indicates dehydration, this area can also in some people indicate reproductive issues, so fertility and menstrual issues can be a cause of spots here. spots here can also be sure to bone health this includes your teeth.

Stomach [cheeks]

This is a tricky one because its such a problem area for so many people, however its usually down to hygiene issues, such as dirty pillow cases and dirty screens on your mobile phone. however if you can count this out you may want to check out your digestive system if you suffer from IBS this may manifest in spots on your cheeks.

Lungs [lower cheeks]

You may break out here if you have asthma or a low immune system, other skin conditions can be related to the lungs. upping your intake of fibre can often help.

Small Intestines [laughter lines]

This is closely linked to the lung area so can be due to respiratory issues or your immune system.

Hormones [chin]

This is the area that most women will suffer with acne, the area is linked to our hormones and menstrual cycles spots here can also indicate when you are ovulating and on which side. spots here can be unavoidable, drinking lots of water and leafy veg can help.

All this being said, spots can be caused by outside factors such as poor hygiene, wash your make up brushes weekly and sanitize them daily, don't sleep in your make up, wipe your mobile phone before putting it to your ear, avoid touching your face with dirty hands. you'd be surprised how many spots are caused by these things alone. You should check out face mapping, diet and your hygiene practices before dropping a load of cash on lotions and potions.

There are many variations of face mapping, this is just my simple explanation, some sites, books and practitioners will tell you different things, it's not an exact science and shouldn't be used instead of a doctor!

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