The Protective Style: Wig FAQ

Thursday, February 12, 2015

This is my third month wearing wigs and can I say that I'm a little bit addicted! I have been switching it up between my Nazuri Curls Wigs and my Kurly Klips full lace wig.

Why Wigs?

 I've been asked frequently why I'm now wearing wigs and there are many reasons, firstly I've lost a lot of hair due to what we first thought was a scalp infection but I'm now convinced it's due to a low immune system. My scalp has been reacting completely differently to products so much so that I have had to cut them ALL out, I'm currently only using water, shea butter and almond oil for my scalp as everything else causes scalp flair ups. this no regimen regimen has stopped the hair shedding along with long term protective styling seems to be working for me.

Secondly I've always been one to play in my hair which leads to me cutting it drastically almost every  year since going natural back in 2008. wigs give me the freedom to mess with my hair without messing with my hair! wigs are the best option for me as my scalp can not take braids any more.

My hair

What Wigs?

All my wigs are made with 100% human hair, the majority are custom made by Andree Marie Wigs, when investing in a wig made from human hair DO YOUR RESEARCH. Check out reviews from people who have been wearing the wigs for longer than a few weeks. ask questions, How is the hair holding up? how is the fit of the wig? are the wigs well crafted? does the wearer still have edges? these wigs can cost upwards of £200 so invest wisely. 

Elastic Band Method?

I've been wearing wigs most days for the last 3 months, bar my upart wigs none of them have combs I have installed an elastic band which helps to secure your wig and maintain your edges.

What is going on under your wig?

I wear my hair in two loose pinned buns at the back of my head, this gives a more bulky look but because my wigs are so curly it's not a problem. You should braid your hair if you are wearing a straighter wig.

Protect your edges?

I leave out my hair line when wearing most of my wigs even the full ones, this helps to blend as well as protect the most delicate areas on your hair I also leave some hair out at the nape of my neck. 

How do I care for my wigs?

When I receive a new wig I always co wash it with Tresseme naturals conditioner, I blow dry the wefts if needed and leave the rest to air dry, I use Argon oil to seal moisture into the hair.

Get some mannequin heads to keep your wigs on, this will help them keep a nice shape and last longer.

If you decide to go for a 100% human hair wig in an afro texture be aware that its high maintenance, I have to moisturise the hair daily and co wash and detangle  weekly. If you follow the guidelines provided by the brand your wig should last up to 2 years. I've had my Kurly Klips hair for almost 2 years and they are still going strong. 

caring for YOUR hair?

Don't neglect your own hair, the whole point of wearing a wig as a protective style is so that you can care for your own hair. keep your hair moistened especially if your a wearing a stocking cap as they can dry out your hair.



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