The Treatment: Mahogany Naturals Rhassoul Cocoa & Honey Deep Hair Treatment

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Another Amazing Treatment from Mahogany Naturals! you may remember my utter love for the Hair Detox Treatment from the same brand and now I have a new love Rhassoul Cocoa & Honey Deep Hair Treatment is giving me life! It's literally smells good enough to eat and my hair feels like heaven. Mahogany Naturals is a spa brand, so it's not cheap, yes! I was gifted this product however I'd definitely part with £35 because I know how good the products are, however I really wish the brand did sample sizes. I can understand people being unwilling to part with £35 without knowing if the product will work for them hopefully this can be remedied in the future. 

Now back to the awesome treatment, This is something I'd use once a month as it is very rich and you feel the effects long after use. I applied it on damp hair as it is quite runny you get good coverage, I don't have crazy long hair but I'll get 4 treatments out of this product (I'm heavy handed with products so you could stretch this further) I've been leaving the treatment for 90 minutes as directed using a hot towel, I also finger detangle my hair with the Deep Treatment in. I rinse out and continue with the steps from the Max Hydration Method. I've been doing twist outs lately and have noticed my hair is super soft and shiny for 3 days and when I re wash with my regular treatment my hair is still soft (much softer than when I used it prior)

Mahogany Naturals Rhassoul Cocoa & Honey Deep Hair Treatment makes my hair feel like it's just been done in a salon (a nice one!) it feels amazing and I've been getting compliments on my hairs softness and unfortunately lots of people wanting to touch it to 'check' it's as soft as it looks (yes it is....) I really wish more salons used products like Mahogany Naturals instead of Kerastase or the like. As it is far superior IMO to other 'spa' brands. check out more from Mahogany Naturals Here

(Aqua)Purified water,Rhassoul,Raw honey, (Theobroma Cacao) Organic cocoa powder, Theobroma cacao Unrefined cocoa butter, ,( Aloe Barbadensis) Organic aloe vera, (Olea Europaea)Extra virgin olive oil, (ulmus rubra)Slippery elm,Guar, emulsifier,essential oils


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