My First Locs Hair Cut

Friday, October 10, 2014

I finally got the hair cut that I have wanted for almost a year now.  I hesitated in cutting my hair because I had worked so hard at caring for it so I cold reach a healthy long length.  But I learned that having long hair can be overrated. I loved the way it looked. But my hair became very heavy, hard to style and was always in the way.   After my hair cut, I felt so much lighter. It was a great feeling. 

The good thing about my being open to cutting my hair, is not only is it a bit of a fresh beginning. But I can have fun styling it in more ways, with out it giving me a headache (old length was heavy).

Next!  Hoping to play with some color.  Updates soon.   Any one else thinking of making a change with their natural hair - color, length or style?


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