The Protective Style: Freya's Bantu Knots

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I have posted about Freya's hair regimen a few times now, and those who keep up to date know that I'm a fan of fuss free styling when it comes to children's hair. I get a lot of questions about hair styles for toddlers and my reply has always been to let their hair be. However recently I have had to start putting Freya's hair in protective styles, due to an outbreak of Head Lice at her nursery. I really didn't want to spend hours braiding Freya's hair (not that she would let me!) or putting ornate baubles and hair ties in her hair. But I've managed to find some simple styles that I can actually do!

I only style Freya's hair twice a week for nursery, in Bantu Knots, tops knots or four chunky braids. I would never EVER  consider putting Freya's hair in extension braids or any kind of extensions reserved for adults, no matter how kinky or coily your child's hair is these styles are not an option (please don't do it!).

A protective style is a any style that protects the ends of your hair, so if you don't have time to twist or braid your childs hair a bun will do. If like me you have a lice problem, spray the hair with a fine layer of hair spray this prevents the lice from gripping onto the hair and laying eggs! (eeeeek!) 

My go to style for Freya's hair is Bantu Knots, they are very easy to achieve, section hair into 6-8 sections, I use a little bit of aloe vera gel to smooth the hair, then I twist the hair from the root working my way down. This creates a knot effect as the twisted hair coils around itself I secure it with a snag free black hair elastic.

I'm currently Guest Blgging at Mogul Mommies, I have detailed post up on how I treat head lice naturally along with Freya's revised hair regimen check it out here


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