The Summer: Updates From My Crafty Summer

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hello my darlings, sorry about the lack of blog posts, however I'm having a product detox. Though I'm thankful to all the brands that gift me wonderful products to review it can give us bloggers product overload resulting in spotty skin and dry hair from chopping and changing our regimens (I know I know poor us!) I've been focusing on my day job raising Miss Freya and working as a salon fairy for Headmasters. I've also been having fun crafting this summer due to my love of fashion and my lack of fashion funds! Freya and I have been having lots of fun being covered in glitter and feathers!

My DIY adventures don't just stop at making head pieces, I've also made a makeshift photo
studio using roofing felt which Freya and I have been having lots of fun with. In other news I had the chance to speak at Hairology last month which was awesome! I met some great new people and ran into a few old faces too. (Laila of Fusion Of Cultures being one)

It's been a great summer, I'll be back soon with beauty reviews for Antonia Burrell and Sable Beauty for now I'm just having to much fun playing with the cherub pictured below! Follow our adventures on Instagram @naturalbelle 

How have you spent your summer?


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