The New Black Online Retailers: Sable Beauty + Antidote Street

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Just last year I was ranting and blogging about the lack of beauty outlets for or inclusive of women of colour. from the high street to the web it seemed that only white people (an occasionally Asians) wore make up, did their hair or had any interest in their personal grooming! what a difference little over a year makes, I've noticed a vast amount of online retailers dedicated or inclusive of women of colour. It doesn't surprise me that the revolution is online as the high street is so not interested in us (but that's another blog post altogether!) two websites that have me excited are and the newly launched

Sable Beauty is the first online luxury beauty store with bespoke beauty products from brands I love such as Antonia Burrell and Dr Jacksons all the products available are  sourced exclusively to meet the diverse beauty needs of women of colour. This site is a must for those who love luxury brands that actually work and benefit our beauty needs. You will definitely discover new brands via this site. The customer service is brilliant and they have an awesome blogzine available via the site. 

Another site to look out for is Antidote street which offers grooming essentials for men and women of colour, The site aims to take the hassle out of shopping for products especially those one that aren't easily available in the UK, the site also has a lot of up and coming UK based brands such as Big Hair (which I love!)  and Anita Grant (which I also love!) The products on the site are affordable and varied. I hope to see more UK brands  available on the site as I think it's important that we buy British where possible. The site is well designed and looks very cool I can not wait to see what comes next!

I'm looking forward to the future of these online retailers, the revolution has begun!


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