The DIY Flower Headdress

Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm in love with floral headdresses, I've seen a lot of headdresses around and the nicer ones can be upwards of £25. I wanted to try my hand at making one for Freya. I managed to pick up all the materials from my local Wilkinson's  under £15 they have a wonderful selection of artificial flowers from £1.50

You'll need;

Selection of artificial flowers
Garden wire
Floral tape
Wire cutters
Tape measure
Elastic or ribbon

1- take your wire and measure out the length you need, I suggest measuring your child's head and adding a few inches in case you make a mistake (you can cut off any access later) 

2- Measure out 3 lengths of the wire, you can get thicker wire if you want but I find the thinner wire more flexible. 

3- take your tape and wrap it around your wire, this will help to blend the headdress and also make the headdress more comfortable, cover the full length making sure no wire is exposed

4- when all the wire is covered create the shape of your headdress, using the wire cutter cut the artificial flowers to your desired length. then arrange the flowers around the headdress to get your shape and design right before you tape the flowers to the wire.

5- Once you have your desired design start to tape the flowers to your wire, make sure they are secure. The tape is very flexible so if you make a mistake just cover with more tape.

6- when all the flowers are attached to your liking, use elastic of ribbon to secure the ends of your headdress, this will help it sit on the head securely, I suggest elastic if you are making for a child. Again you can secure with tape for extra security use a little glue then cover.

*If you are making this for your little girl be sure not to leave them unattended with the headdress, it does have some small parts that could come off with a little force.


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