The Bars: DIY Soul Food Greens Oil Cleansing Bars

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'm currently in love with my Viridian Soul Food Greens, it's great with smoothies and makes an excellent detox facial, I used it recently and was impressed with how fab my skin felt after using it. Soul Food Green contains a large amount of Spirulina which facilitates faster cell turnover that helps skin heal faster. It wards off free radicals and eliminates toxins from the skin to increase skin metabolism. It also prevents candida overgrowth that can cause acne breakouts. Spirulina also has a high content of vitamin A, vitamin B-12, vitamin E, calcium, iron and phosphorus, all of which are vital for your skin’s health. 

Soul Food Greens contians:

Organic Spirulina
Organic Wheatgrass  
Organic Barleygrass
Organic Alfalfa leaf
Organic Seagreens Wild Wrack seaweed
Organic Chlorella  

So I decided to experiment on how I could incorporate the Soul Food Greens into my daily skincare regimen. I'm a huge fan of oil cleansing so I decided to make some oil cleansing bars.

All you need for the bars is a Carrier Oil, such as Castor Oil I decided to use Grapeseed oil as it great for normal skin and would work well with my butter of choice. I choose Cocoa butter as it is great for dry skin and solidifies well. 

  • Half a cup of grapeseed oil
  • Half a cup of cocoa butter
  • 1 tbs of Natural Vitamin E
  • 5 drops of Peppermint Oil
  • 3 tbs of Viridian Soul Food Green 

You can substitute the soul food greens for spirulina powder

Melt your Cocoa Butter you can do this on the hob or in the microwave, add your Grapeseed oil to the melted Cocoa Butter along with natural Vitamin E and Essential oil. Mix well then add you Soul Food Greens.

The mixture should be smooth, you may find small bits of powder but that is fine.

Pour the mixture into moulds, I used rubber cup cake mould, which makes the bars easier to remove.

Leave to cool for an hour then place your bars in the fridge, I left mine over night. when they are set remove from the moulds and they are ready to use.

Using your Oil Cleasing bars is simple too, rub them on your face, massaging then add water the oil should go milky rinse and repeat. 

Learn more about Viridian Soul Food Greens HERE


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