Blue Ivy's Natural Hair

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I have been trying not to comment on this whole topic that has been circulating on the web, about the state of toodler's Blue Ivy's hair (daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z).  Because I did not want to bring attention to such foolishness. But to hear recently that an irresponsible and thoughtless person started a petition to get the famous couple to comb their daughters hair, has gotten me a little fired up.

I am so deeply offended by this petition. For one, you are bringing negative attention to a child.  That in itself is horrible.  Internet bullying is no joke and that is what this is.  Second, it is not your child - so it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  Third, there are so many people constantly criticizing Beyonce for wearing weaves, wigs and hair extensions. But she allows her child to wear her hair in a natural state and people still get angry.  I am sure that Blue Ivy is a healthy rambunctious child. I, for one, have a toddler at home.  I know first hand that when I do my daughters hair, she often messes it up with in a half hour of the style being done because she loves to play, wrestle, jump, cuddle, roll around, etc...  No toddlers hair is going to be perfect all the time.

I just think that internet bullying is so horrible. And for the creator of the petition to play if off as being a joke, is her not taking responsibility for doing something that could be hurtful to another person and family; and to focus on a child in any negative shallow way, is hideous.  To read more about this petition, check out the NY Daily News.

Blue Ivy, you are beautiful not matter what your hair looks like.



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