The Detox: Mahogany Natural Extraordinary Conditioning Hair Detox

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I was sent the  Extraordinary Conditioning Hair Detox by Mahogany Naturals which I've desperately fallen in love with. How do I describe this product? it's basically a shampoo and conditioner in one (think head and shoulders but good!) the Detox cleanses and conditions your hair leaving it soft and super defined. The detox contains Rhassoul Clay from Morocco which when used on its own is a magnificent cleanser but I've found in the past that I have always felt the need for a little extra conditioner when I use the clay. Mahogany Naturals has pretty much added all the best ingredients to the clay (sea weed, Aloe Vera, raw honey) and it is like heaven in a tub!

The detox is quite runny, it comes in a reasonable sized tub you'll probably get about 5 uses from the product. The detox spreads through the hair easily, I left the detox on my hair for about 45 minutes, though you can steam the hair for 25 minutes if you are short on time. The detox rinsed out easily leaving my curly more defined than usual. I followed up with Mahogany Natural Hair Juice (stay tuned for review) my hair feels amazing. very soft and and super shiny.

Mahogany Naturals not cheap, it's probably one of the pricier natural hair ranges, the Hair Detox is £40. That being said I ave tried quite a few products from Mahogany Naturals and I have never been disappointed with the outcome the products work. The Hair Detox does cut out a lot of the other products that I would usually use for my weekly hair wash such as shampoo, conditioner, leave in cream ect. All I needed was the hair detox.                                                                                                                                   

Contains Moroccan Rhassoul, (Anthocyanidins) Hibiscus, marshmallow root, ( Aloe Barbadensis) aloe Vera gel, ( Cocos nucifera ) raw coconut powder, African black soap,orange essential oil, sea weed, raw honey, vegetable glycerine, (Ricinus communis ) castor oil, conditioning emulsifier


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