The Simplicity: Afrocenchix

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

For as long as there has been a UK natural hair scene, I've known of Afrocenchix aka Joycelyn and Rachael, these two ladies pride themselves on bringing SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE hair care products to the UK. I've used a few of the Afrocenchix products in the past I really like the Moi Mango Butter which worked wonders on preventing my stretch marks. So when the girls contacted me to try out their new hair care range I jumped at the chance and I'm not disappointed.

The Afrocenchix line currently focuses on 4 main products, Soothe, Sheen, Smooth and Seal. all the products are natural and work at keep your natural hair in tip top condition. The products worked great for my hair type, I'm especially impressed with the Sheen and Smooth products which kept my thirsty hair moist for several day after using. For an all natural hair line Afrocenchix products are well priced I will be re purchasing the Smooth leave in conditioner as my hair really loves it. 

I'll be updating you on my progress with the Soothe product as it is a growth oil as I have only been using the line for a few weeks I would be hard to review it at present. Seal which you can use for retaining moisture is pretty good too, though remember a little goes a long way with these products (I was a little heavy handed first time around!). The branding of Afrocenchix is so cool as is the simple website.

The Afrocenchix line doesn't have any fancy curly custards/jeliies/definers, just honest hard working products that do the job of making your hair look like YOUR hair. If I have anything negative to say it would be that the additional of a shampoo and conditioner would be greatly recieved. But I have it on good authority that will be coming very I actually have no complaints. NONE. NADA.

Soothe – Natural Soothing Scalp Oil (100ml)
Soothe is a natural soothing scalp oil to help maintain a healthy scalp and combat dryness. This easily absorbed oil is designed to combat itchiness and stimulate blood flow to the scalp. Can be used on all types of curly hair.

Sheen – Natural Moisturising Spray (250ml)
Sheen is a simple way to moisturize your hair!  Our special naturally derived formula will guarantee moisture to your hair and prevent breakage due to dryness. Sheen can be used on tightly coiled, curly, or wavy hair.

Smooth – Daily Moisturiser (250ml)
A natural daily moisturiser specially formulated to promote healthy hair and make styling simple! Our special formula delivers moisture even to the driest hair and can be used for defining your curls. Smooth works great on all types of curly hair. 
- Great for twist outs
- Provides maximum moisture for easy manipulation of the hair
- Closes hair cuticles to retain maximum moisture
- Lightly defines curls
- Helps strengthen hair 

Seal – Natural Conditioning Oil (250ml)
Seal is a daily conditioning hair oil designed to seal moisture into the hair. Seal is a natural formula specially formulated to help those who have dry ends and  struggle with retaining moisture. This special blend emulates the natural sebum produced on the scalp in order to provide maximum moisture for easy manipulation of the hair. Works best with Sheen.


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