Introducing Double Dutch Aerobics

Thursday, April 10, 2014
"I am Michelle Clark, owner of Double Dutch Aerobics. Double Dutch Aerobics is my hearts passion. Our classes are bringing Child like joy to fitness. As a world champion in Double Dutch, I have the skill to teach anyone who can jump up and down how to jump Double Dutch in less than 1 min! Teaching rate 100%. Our class consist of both street jumping and competitive style jumping which includes - jumping jacks, pushups, mountain climbs, popups and more! The smiles, high fives and laughs that happen during Double Dutch Aerobics reminds me that I must continue to build my Double Dutch Aerobics Empire. Currently I have Certified Double Dutch Aerobics Instructors in NYC teaching classes and I am currently certifying more teachers in Atlanta. Expansion across the world is 100% the next step.  As a working adult, we are super busy, but things that we have to include in our lives in happiness and fitness. At double dutch aerobics we combine the two. Our saying is "Double Dutch Aerobics, where fun is the experience and fit is the result"."

To see more about Double Dutch Aerobics, check out this article on MyBrownBaby.


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