Tianna's Hair Story

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
"Before going natural I used to get a lot of perms and dyes to my hair. I got a perm every 4 weeks and my ends trimmed. That was back in highschool. Once I graduated I started to try weaves, sew-ins and wigs. My motto was "Big Girl, Big Hair". Couldn't tell me I wasn't Chaka Khan.
I decided to go natural in 2010. I was going threw a awkward phase in life. I felt a change coming and I knew my hair had to go first. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was still living at home with my parents and I felt like I wanted a new beginning. I wanted my independence back. I felt like the wigs became priority over my life. Like, I cant walk out the door with out a wig on because I wasn't happy with my self or my hair. So, I sat in front of my vanity and cut off all my hair. I didn't cry or nothing. I went to the barber and let him line me up and that was it.
I had no fear on my natural hair texture because I come from a family where we have long thick hair. Even when I was permed my hair was long. It was just chemically treated, I feel like if I had listened to my mom and not gotten a perm I would of had extremely long hair. I remember begging for a perm and she didn't want to do it. However, she was tired of my tears and she permed my hair.
Three products I cant live without is my oils. I mix Olive oil, Grapeseed oil, and Jojoba Oil in a bottle and I moisturize my hair with that. I can't live without a good scarf/hair tye because my locs are heavy and in the summer I just need them off my neck. My loc stylist also uses her own products on my hair that she has formulated called "Buttery Sensations" which she uses on my scalp that causes no flakes or build up. She can be reached @Butterysensations on Instagram
When talking to someone who wants to embrace there natural hair. I would ask them "Are you mentally ready?" Especially when you come from a phase where all you have to do is go to the Beauty Supply Store for hair. Natural hair is not a overnight thing. There is no instant gratification. I know that when my hair got to certain length I started my loc extensions. Once my hair reached a certain length with the extensions I cut them off. Then I still was not satisfied so I went back 2 more times for different sets. Now, I'm happy where my hair is being as though loc extensions are not cheap I will not be doing anymore cutting. Also, I would tell the person to be prepared for the words you might receive as well. Especially when people always seen you in weaves or wigs. Some want to know why you did it and what made you do it? I answered that question the whole 2010-2011. This was the best decision I ever made and I refuse to look back. Natural hair is versatile and its a free thing. Its, spiritual, loving and emotional. Once I let go, I really did let GOD." - TIanna
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