The Guest Post: Entwine Review By Crystal Afro

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I know I’m not the only one who’s a fan of Gina’s locs right now. Not only do they look fantastic but I’m pretty sure that they’re part of the reason my girl chose to let me review her Entwine Couture Audition Collezioni pack, from Zara Hair & Beauty.

The design and branding is all quite intricate which can make the products seem more complicated than they are. The Audition Collezioni pack contains 3 hair styling guides, a shampoo (Lathering Hair Bathe), conditioner (Crème Hair Rinse), Argan oil, Exotique Butter Crème Hydrator, Crème Jelle Styler, and Crème De La Mold, all in sample sizes (1oz).

If you’re not a fan of heavily fragranced products these could be for you. I could barely detect a fragrance from the shampoo. Similarly, the conditioner had a very slight fragrance, which I couldn’t pin point. Whatever it was I wasn’t a fan, but it was so faint that it wasn’t really a problem. The butter, jelle, and mold are a bit stronger, but have a much lovelier, tropical/fruity scent.

The most impressive aspect of all the products was their texture.
The conditioner had great slip, while the butter and jelle felt like creamy lotions and smooth on very easily. My twists looked and felt healthy and well hydrated, and considering the amount of rain we’ve had recently, the hold was quite impressive too. I was equally as pleased with my twistout, that I felt looked just as shiny and defined as any of the Entwine Couture ambassadors’.

In all honesty, the products were lovely with really great results, and I’ve definitely been won over by how well the butter and the jelle work together to make my hair look and feel brilliant, but with their current UK prices being some of the highest I’ve seen (£24.99 for a 8oz tub), it’ll probably be a while before I splash out on the full sized products.
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