Nina Simone Nail Art

Monday, February 10, 2014

It's Black History Month in the US and my social media feeds are alight with images of people who made a huge impact in not just African American history but world history. I was inspired by a post on which featured the work of nail artist Phe Davis who create the amazing nail art below. I decided to give it a go with one of my favourite icons in black history Nina Simone

image source

  1. For the image I printed out small images of Nina Simone (around 2cm square) 
  2. I used my nail as a guide to cut the right size for the image. (don't worry if it is not exact as you can file down)
  3. using clear nail polish as a glue paint the nail you want to the image on wait for it to go tacky then place the image onto the nail (this is tricky and took me a while to get!)
  4. once the paper is stuck to the nail go over it with the clear nail polish and file to neaten.

I used Warm Grey from Mavala's new sublime collection on the rest of y nails, I love this muted grey tone an it worked well with the printed look of my signature nail. 

As a first attempt this nail art is not to bad but it is very tricky to do yourself, the paper comes off easily as it dissolves with nail polish remover but it would look better with professional nail wraps but for fashionista's on a budget I think this could look great after more practice!

About the Sublime Collection: Inspired by the timeless elegance of the 1940s we present our new Sublime Collection for the Autumn season. A sumptuous and classic nail collection for every and any occasion, featuring soft nudes and vibrant hues that you'll be reaching for time and time again.


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