The Marley Braids

Monday, December 2, 2013

It's been I while since I last posted, I decided to take a well deserved break from the whole blogging thing and constant documentation of my life which kind of gets in the way of actually living it, so after my hiatus I'm back and raring to go.
I've been growing out my mohawk, which is a nightmare (I will not be doing this style ever again no matter how cool it looked!) My hair has been in witness protection for several months, under hair wraps, wigs and my trusty Kurly Klips waiting for my sides to grow in so I could (FINALLY!) put in my Marley Twists. 

I used Marley Braid hair by J'Adore in colour 2, you can pick up variations of this hair most hair suppliers. I chose to put the marley braids in quite small and use a loose twisting method. I didn't want a pristine look for the twist so they vary in size and come to around waist length when worn loose.
The twists took 1 full day to apply (however I had to stop and start but I think it would only take 6 hours straight). I used 2.5 packs of hair, by using small strands of hair but twisting loosely I created body with out to much weight on my head.
I love the overall look of these Marley twists and I hope to keep them in for around 6 weeks.


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