The Challenge: Magnitone Pulsar

Monday, December 9, 2013

If you follow me on Instagram you may well have been following my 7 day Challenge with the Magnitone Pulsar electronic cleanser. Magnitone Pulsar uses Active Electromagnetic Technology, to cleanse, refresh and stimulate your skin.

The Magnitone Pulsar boasts noticeably youthful skin in just 7 days, with 2 attachments, 4 daily cleansing settings. the waterproof tool is quick and easy to set up as well as being simple to use.

I've never used an electric cleanser before, I'm a muslim cloth kind of girl but the Magnitone Pulsar has converted me. I'm totally in LOVE with this handy machine, not only does it cut down bathroom time but it gives a wonderful deep cleanse that I just can't get from scrubbing (unless I want to loose a layer of skin!) I've used the Maganitone Pulsar with 3 Types of cleanser just to see how is worked. I used;

 REN Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Balm
Madera Foam Cleanser

The Magnitone Pulsar worked great with all the cleansers even the 'Cleanse & Smooth' which is oil based worked really well. I've tried the Magnitone Pulsar on various settings, their are 4 but I concentrated on gentle cleansing and the deep pore cleansing, the 4 settings are explained below;

  • Gentle Cleansing for Daily Use - Use it for 1 minute, twice a day as part of your normal cleansing routine, to help provide your skin with noticeable youthful benefits. You'll notice softer, tighter feeling skin, a clearer complexion and the diminished appearance of visible pores as well as having silky smooth summer arms and legs all year round.
  • Ultra-Fast Deep Pore Cleansing- Magnitone Pulsar uses an ultra-fast sweeping cleansing action which glides softly across the skin's surface hundreds of times per second, encouraging the trapped-in dirt residue and oily impurities to gently lift out of deep pores.
  • Body Cleanse Brush - Smoother Skin & Less Skin Irritation When used with the Body Cleanse brush (included), Magnitone Pulsar removes dry, rough and dead skin more gently than other methods of exfoliation, to leave your arms and legs feeling silky and smooth, whilst also helping to reduce razor rash and skin irritation after hair removal treatments on legs, armpits and bikini lines.
  • PulseLift Massage Mode - Pulsed Stimulation for the Skin Magnitone Pulsar has 4 daily cleansing modes including its innovative PulseLift Massage mode driven by it's Active Electromagnetic Technology, which provides enhanced stimulation for the skin whilst it cleanses. Use it regularly to feel an increase in blood circulation to those areas that may need special attention. Enhanced blood circulation helps to provide skin cells with oxygen and their vital nutrients to promote skin metabolism and natural collagen synthesis.

I can definitely feel the deference in my skin since using the Magnitone Pulsar,though I had reasonably clear skin to start with but my skin looks and feels smoother, by day 2 I felt my make up looked smoother and skin had a glow to it which I can only put down to the daily light exfoliation morning and night. I'm definitely going to continue using the Magnitone Pulsar as I really have no negatives. 

The Magnitone Pulsar came with a charger and adapter plus an extra cleansing head. I charged it as soon as it arrived and I haven't had to recharge it yet. I've also travelled with the Magnitone Pulsar it's the size of a medium sized hair brush so it is quite compact and if fully charged no need to carry around the base. The Maginitone Pulsar would make a great Christmas gift for the girl (or guy) who loves beauty but has everything. It's definitely the kind of thing you didn't realise you needed until you had it and now I just can't live without it!

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