The Kurly Klips: Caring For Your Clips

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm still loving the Kurly Klips, I've been wearing them now for over a week. My previous post shows the Kurly Klips as they arrived without them being treated in any way. The initial look was quite big and wild, so I decided to wash and condition the wefts using Tressemme Naturals

The hair is really easy to wash if you follow the video supplied by Kurly Klips. Detangling is also really easy and due to the wefts triple secured stitch, there was very little shedding. Throughout the week I've found that the hair doesn't shed nor does it tangle very often. when it does tangle it is easily dealt with by spritzing with water and using a little leave in condition. I seems strange but I treat the hair how I would treat my own hair. I don't sleep in the wefts and I try to place the clips in different positions each day so that I'm not put repeat pressure on any one part of my hair. The clips aren't uncomfortable or heavy and so far I've had no trouble with the clips snagging on my natural hair. If I have one gripe, it's finding a place to store my Kurly Klips for now I'm using a gift bag (comment suggestions for storage please!) If you want to check out the Kurly Klips visit

I'm wearing My Fro in Shoulder Chic, Kurly Klips are available in 3 lengths and 2 texttures both made from 100% human hair. 


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