The Holiday In Greece: Korres Gift Set

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I love Korres. I could end the review right there but I guess I should explain. I picked up some Korres body care a while ago from an event and fell in love with the cool natural brand from Greece. With simple cool packaging and products from make up to hair care Korres is definitely a one stop shop for all you beauty needs. George  and Lena Korres use essential oils and herbs to create some amazing skin and body care products, using organic farming and an extensive knowledge of homoeopathic remedies. I'm a huge fan of their body butters and body milks which smell DEVINE! And love their great gift sets I'm currently working my way through Holiday In Greece  (£19.00) which contains 5 Korres body/hair care products:

Guava shower gel 40ml
Basil lemon shower gel 40ml
Basil lemon body milk 40ml
Guava body butter 40ml
Aloe and Dittany shampoo 40ml

All have a fresh summery feel, which stays with you all day, My favourites are Shampoo which gives hair a awesome sent and is also protein rich.

I also adore the Body Milk, which is though is called a milk is more like a cream. it's not watery at all and The Basil Lemon aroma is light and fresh.

I have a long list of Korres products that I want to try but I'm loving the handy gift set that allows you to try some of the Korres line with out breaking the bank. Korres products are available from Waitrose online and instore


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