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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm becoming slightly obsessed with 'Up Cycling' from bangles to candles stick holders I've literally covered everything in fabric, I stopped short of covering Freya! My current DIY attempt are these funky cuffs using jewellery found in the bargain bin.

N E E D E D 

1 Cuff (these are quite on trend so you can find them everywhere for a few pounds)
1 Cross (you don't have to use a cross, just something that you can wrap easily with fabric)
Glue Gun


  • Using a pencil mark out the fabric you need to cover the outside of you cuff
  • Good tip for measuring is to place cuff on fabric and roll it from one side to the other mark out a cm around the cuff
  • Cut out the fabric
  • Glue one end of the fabric to the inside of the cuff (this is where the cm extra fabric comes in)

  • Pull the fabric taut and repeat the glueing on other end of your cuff 
  • Fold in your edges so it is neat and glue along the length 
  • You should be left with a perfectly covered cuff

  • You may or may not want to line your cuff, if you do use the same method to measure a small piece of fabric
  • Make this fabric a cm smaller than you cuff by hemming the edges (you can use your glue gun for this)
  • Glue fabric into the cuff you need to work quickly as the glue dries very fast.

You should now have a perfectly covered and lined cuff you can leave as is or decorate, I chose to decorate with a fabric covered cross.

  • Glue a strip of hemmed fabric to the top of your cross (use about 30cm of fabric if it is to much you can always cut it off)
  • Wrap fabric around the cross pulling tightly as you do
  • secure end with more glue and cut off excess
  • using your glue gun apply glue to your cross and stick to your cuff

And there you have it, A funky wax printed cuff, I know you may not be able to get your hands on the exact items I used for this project but you can definitely find variations, use your imagination and get creative! 

If anyone would like to enquire about these cuffs or the Bangles from the previous post please email me NaturalBelle1983@gmail.com


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