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Thursday, July 18, 2013

At my last count I had a grand total of 6 balms (I now have more)...yes you heard right balms! They are everywhere and there is a balm for what seems like everything. I have baby balm, lip balms, face balms body balm it's all a bit balmy! So what are Balms....

balm (bäm)
a.A chiefly Mediterranean perennial herb (Melissa officinalis) in the mint family, grown for its lemon-scented foliage, which is used as a seasoning or for tea. Also called lemon balm.
b.Any of several related plants in the mint family, such as the bee balm and the horse balm.
2.Any of various aromatic resins exuded from several trees and shrubs, especially the balm of Gilead(Commiphora) and related plants.
3.An aromatic salve or oil.
4.A pleasing aromatic fragrance.
5.A soothing, healing, or comforting agent or quality.

It seems even the dictionary can't quite agree with itself on the definition of a balm, but I guess that is the great thing about them. They are the ultimate multitasker (and you know I love a Multi Tasker!)

Niki of Niki's Balms confirms that "a balm is a blend of oil based moisturiser that is solid at room temperature better than neat oil because of ease of use and application which makes it more flexible, also the solidifying agent usually has benefits in itself. Obviously excluding petroleum and paraffin based balms"

Brands such as Niki's Balms, Balm Balm and Moa the green balm have built business off balms alone.
Balms have great healing properties and can be used to heal minor cuts and bruises, colds sores, chapped lips, minor burns, insect bites, blisters you can even melt it down are gargle with some balms to cure a sore throat!

And it doesn't stop there balms can be used for your beauty needs too, to condition eyelashes and make them look longer, as a pre poo conditioner, or scalp remedy, most are gentle enough to use as an eye makeup remover, and can be used as a cleanser.

Some of my favourites include:

Bloom Remedies Dry Skin & Eczema Rescue Organic Baby Balm is great for rashes and dry skin from nappy rash to more extreme conditions such as Eczema

Eden Body Works Temple Balm strengthens hairline and promotes hair growth with stimulating peppermint

Badger Balm Lavender and Bergamot Sleep Balm is a natural sleep remedy not sure if its the relaxing aroma or the temples massage that I use to apply this balm, but it works wonders for me....sleep like a baby!

Balance Me Stellar Face Balm is great for everything! I use it as an other night treatment for face mask and also works wonders on dry skin.


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