3 Reasons Why We Get Bored With Healthy Lifestyles

Monday, June 24, 2013
These days one of the hot topics is healthy living.  We as moms want our kids to eat healthier foods and snacks.  We all want to workout more regularly.  We want the companies that we support to be more health conscious.  Well, it sure sounds good, but how many of us actually stick with it?  Why is it so hard to lead a healthy lifestyle long-term?  Well I’ve got at least 3 reasons....

First, leading a healthy lifestyle takes commitment.  Many of us can’t even commit to an outfit let alone a lifestyle change.  Committing to something this drastic is just something that many of us really aren't ready for and may never be.  It’s like saying “I do” at the alter all the while cringing at the idea of all that we’ll have to give up.  Then it becomes all about what we’re losing rather than the better life, longevity and overall happiness that we’re gaining.

Second, its just not in the budget.  Let’s face it, gym memberships, yoga and Pilate classes, the latest diet trends are expensive as heck!  More than that, the last time I checked we were still said to be in a recession, which means less of us have the disposable income needed to keep up with the latest healthy living trends.  Thus, as a result when times get hard, we swap our healthy living practices for mere survival tactics which usually consist of cheap, processed food, longer work hours and blood pressure pills (which by the way actually far exceed the cost of healthy living). 

Third, it’s just too damn hard.  Now, I must say that in reality healthy living is really all about perception.  In our minds that have been so programmed by the media, advertising schemes, and even the medical community and some government entities we have been made to believe that living healthy takes a lot of effort.  Yet, the fact is that healthy living is more natural to us than not.  Think back to when you were growing up and how healthy your lifestyle was.  You ran around outside from sun up to sun down, or at least until the streetlights came on lol.  Your favorite snack was peanut butter and jelly and you liked cream of wheat or oatmeal for breakfast.  Back then you did all of the things that we consider healthy living today and you did it with ease, without prescriptions, or the need to follow a trend or a PSA announcement.  We were healthy because it was in our nature to be so.

Now there may be 3 main reasons for why we get bored with healthy living, but there’s over 100
reasons why deciding to lead a healthy lifestyle is the best decision we’ll ever make.  Let’s start with... high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, asthma, celiacs, MS, cerebral palsy, obesity, Parkinson’s, psoriasis, ulcers, stress and the list could continue forever.  How about we flip the script here?  Rather than getting bored with healthy living let’s get bored with the alternative and go back to what is our nature.... Love, health and nappiness!!!

This article was written by the Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog's guest writer - Amirah Bellamy.  Amirah is the owner of www.AmirahBFit.com.


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