Imani's gorgeous locs

Friday, March 29, 2013

I have been growing my locs for over 10 years. My mother was my inspiration, and when I turned 7, I practically begged her to loc my hair. Although, It was not an easy journey. During the beginning stages of my loc process I was often ridiculed my my peers and even by some adults who disagreed with my choice of hairstyle. It was discouraging and at times I contemplated cutting all my locs off just so that I could fit in. As i grew older I began to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of my locs. Wahidah Fowler, who is a close friend of my older sister, also was a catalyst in helping me see the beautiful hairstyles that locs could become. 

I began moisturizing my roots and really loving and caring for my hair. Before I knew it, blogs began posting my pictures, my peers complimented me left and right. I was becoming a trend setter in my high school and everyone wanted to know how I managed to make my locs look so appealing. Now I am sharing my story with you actually because I never have before. 

Your blog continues to inspire me and I appreciate your work so much for shining a light that is not often shined upon our beautiful, God given, natural hair. I am going to college this upcoming Fall and I plan to continue growing out my locs and hopefully inspiring other Black women to join in on our journey of "Natural Hair Beauty".

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