The Picked Out Fake Wash & Go

Friday, May 11, 2012

I've never been one for the Wash & Go, I tried it once or twice when my hair was much shorter. My hair takes a lot of manipulation to create defined curls due to the many curl patterns on my head. The top section refuses to be anything but frizzy even after cutting off the coloured ends and the back thinks it's 4A trying to be 3C!

My hair of many textures

  • So to create that easy breezy wash & go look it begins with a twist out on wet hair, left over night. 
  • In the morning I piece out twists with the nearest oil then jump in the shower and let the steam do its thing. 
  • After I pick out the roots to make my hair as huge a possible. 
  • I do not re twist at night opting to sleep with a satin bonnet (sexy) 
  • To refresh my hair I use a leave in conditioner at the moment Original Moxie and repeat the shower routine applying oil to seal in moisture.

My Staples: Afro Comb, sectioning clips, Hair Oil, Satin Bonnet, Leave in Conditoner


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