Hold Me Close

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I’ve recently found myself in a position where I’ve had to adopt a more corporate look and by that I mean a very grown up suit. There are times when only a black two piece suit will do, in my case a job interview, still I believe no outfit is beyond an injection of personality and an ordinary suit can still say heck yeah with an eye wateringly beautiful oversize clutch. I can’t deny that when I tuck a portfolio clutch under my arm I have to fight the urge to strike a pose and strut like the pavement is my catwalk.

It makes my outfit feel a little more pulled together, more considered and a bit more grown up which is miles away from my off duty look (I am by no means a corporate dresser), I make sure that, black suit be damned, I’m always in attendance in a killer pair of heels, some on trend nails and a giant clutch (able to fit an A4 CV and then some) no matter the result I make sure I give them something to remember me by.



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