Baby Belle: 20 Weeks

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hi dolls I forgot to share my 20 week scan with you all! last Friday Mr NaturalBelle and I had our 20 week scan it was all very exciting as we hadn't seen the baby since the 12 week scan. Baby Belle was not feeling being disturbed but the Ultra Sound technician (acting up already!) but after a lot of wiggling we got a good look at him/her. We do not to know the gender as we think it will be nice to be surprised! 
Everything was looking great, strong heart beat and for some reason really long legs! (myself and the Mr are short) the Ultra sound is a little tricky to make out (a friend said Baby Belle looks like a jelly fish!!)
My baby bump is hard and prominent now, it's all feeling very real.
We are still stuck for baby names.....we have Frankie, Milo, Knox, Maxwell, Olivia, Brick (lol) please comment below with your Baby Belle naming suggestions

Baby Belle


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