Ask Belle: Scalp Matters

Friday, May 11, 2012

 "Hi belle
Need some advice I recently started transitioning and am having really serious scalp issues no matter how much I oil, dandruff is still trying to get the better of me. Also any advice on styles that don't requires hair extensions for transitioning  
Thanks a lot 

P.s I really love your blog ... You inspire 

Hi Alero,
Firstly you may not have Dandruff, Dandruff is  inflammatory skin condition which causes flaky yellowish scales on oily areas of the skin such as the scalp or in the ears, if you think you have this visit your doctor who can subscribe you  something other conditions which should be looked at by a doctor include eczema and psoriasis 
You may have a moderate to severe dry scalp, it's can be confusing as many products for dry scalp say they are for dandruff. Dry scalp is the over shedding of dead dehydrated skin cells.
Dry scalp can be caused by many things such as weather, not cleansing the scalp correctly, to much direct heat on the scalp, products build up or irritation caused by using new products. Using to much product to deal with the problem can also have an adverse effect and just cause build up and what will appear to be more dryness.
I have suffered from a dry scalp and the main reason was that I wasn't cleansing my hair properly, shampoo and conditioner was still lingering on my scalp causing it to flake, and dry out. I rectified this by cleansing my hair in sections so all product was out and only using light oils on my scalp such as Lavender Oil.

When transitioning braid outs, Flexi Rods and Twist Outs are your best friends, they don't need heat and will get you accustomed to having curly hair. You can also try flat twist they look great in a sculpted updo!

*Remember Vloggers and Bloggers can only give advice from personal experiences  be mindful of people who give you medical or homoeopathic advice online always consult a professional when it comes to severe scalp issues.


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