Ask Belle: I've Just BC'd Now What?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Eekkk! I just went out and chopped my hair off! Can you pleaseeeee help! I was 

referred to you by a friend who swears by you. I am sooo completely lost as to what

should do next, the products I should use, styles to make me look less like a man

 haha pleasee help! Thank you sooo much!"


Hi Phylecia

Anyone who knows me will know that I loved my BC stage so much so I kept my hair low cut for almost a year! and I BC'd twice!

It takes all kinds of courage to have the confidence to cut off your locks, it's not for everyone, but for thoughts who do it is the most liberating and freeing experiences.

First lets address the looking like a man issue, I very much doubt anyone could confuse you for a man, but most women who BC have this same fear.

Having low cut hair breaks the mold of what women think men find attractive and feminine, but let me tell you...I met my future husband with a millimetre of hair.

Many of us over compensate our BC with piling on make up and wearing huge earrings! this is not always the best way to look more feminine (more like a drag queen with out the wig!)

Yes, your face is now on show and people will be looking at it more than they ever have, but don't over do it. Enhance your best feature, if you have stunning eyes make them pop, have amazing lips? try bold lip colours.

Simple studs work just as well a huge door knocker earrings, and there are some amazing earrings available or go bare!

The one thing I suggest you get on point are your eyebrows! I can not stress enough how important your brows will become to you when your hair doesn't hide them!

Next up is you scalp, take care of it, keep it cleansed and moisturised, short hair is indeed easier to manage but don't skip the basics, look after you little bit of hair like it trailing down your back.

I couldn't live without, Jojoba Oil and my soft brush and head tie, I used a simple shampoo and didn't skip conditioner.

You didn't mention whether you shaved or cut your hair and what kind of length you are left with, if you have enough to play with, work on making your curls pop.

Regardless of texture or hair type, defining your curls is all down to technique and the right combination of products, I used to do wash and go's with and then finger coil with Darcy's Botanical Curling Jelly.

Find what works for you, Don't go crazy buying every product, if you can get samples many brands now sell them, if they don't contact the brand and see if they would send you a sample they can only say no!

Lastly embrace this stage in your natural hair journey, so many of us spend this time waiting it out instead of embracing how fly short hair can look.



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