Thursday Talk: Imitation, A Form Of Flattery?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

So it seems the wolves (haters) have it out for Your Girl Bey (again)
not content with the fake baby stupidness now Miss Bey is catching heat for 'copying' her sisters style, bey has stepped out in a few Solange-esque outfits (if of course you believe Solange owns the copyright on Maxi Skirts, Round Sunglasses and Hats!)
Now Beyonce is rumoured to have launched her own tumblr not unlike Solanges 'My Damn Blog' Beyonces Tumblr Blog is full of candid images of the singers holidays and family, 'Beyonce I Am'  has fanned the fires for some in 'copy gate' 

Some think that because I am Pro Solange that I am Anti Beyonce! (so not true)

The funny thing is that these haters don't seem to register the fact the Solange  & Beyonce are sisters! not that far apart in age or lifestyle so it seems (to me anyway) that they would have plenty in common and influence each others style and life.

We have to remember that Solange has been able to mostly live outside of the media glare and has been able to forge her own identity away from the industry beyonce in many ways has not. Perhaps what we are seeing is a true representation of a real woman....what do we really know anyway!

What Say You?

Check out Beyonce and her candid, beautiful photo's here


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