The Review: Iman Made Saved My Desert Lips

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am now 19 weeks pregnant, well into my second trimester and still waiting for that pregnancy glow that everyone is harping on about. Though my hair is coming along, my skin refuses to glow with out the aid of bronzer. The worst that has happened (bar the lack of taste buds, constipation & weird crazings) has been that my lips are the driest they have EVER been (they are like a barren desert!) 
So a few weeks ago I was sharing my woes with my Twitter momma crew, crew member Iman gave me the heads up on her brand Iman Made and her shea butter lip balm and the darling woman offered to save me from my ashy lip by sending me some goodies to ease the pain! 
Iman was kind enough to send me the Iman Made Butter(£10.00) & Balm Box and a sample of Iman Made Gentle Face Oil(£5.00) all packaged in this cute takeaway box (loves it)

I have been using the lip balm ever since I tore it from the box......ahhhhhhhh instant relief! the long lasting balm  contains shea butter, candelilla Wax, Mango Butter, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Peppermint Oil and has had an amazing effect on my lips after using it these last few days. you can purchase the lip balm on it own for £2.50

The lip balm came with 3 Iman Made Nourishing Body Butters for dry and sensitive skin, I haven't had a chance to try them out yet but I'm told they are multifunctional so can be used on skin and hair they retail at £7.00 and smell delish

I shall be posting another review seen as I have only had the items for a few days, if you can't wait till then I definitely suggest you get your hands on the sample box, it is great value for money and gives you an overall feel of the product line before you invest! and these are PROPER samples (not those silly sized samples you get from a lot of companies) samples the lip balm is actual size and the 3 butters total at 90g  (a full size butter is 85g) so you get a nice amount for the money and definitely enough to really get a feel for the product.

Iman Made products have been created out of Iman's own needs, a long time sufferer of Eczema and sensitive skin, after friends and family requested samples Iman Made was born, the carefully selected items are few but well crafted and from the heart. 

Iman Made currently only ships to the UK/Europe

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