Solange Talks Hair Regimen

Monday, April 9, 2012

Ms Knowles yet another fab hair piece on the red carpet, wearing a bold printed Carven dress, she recently shared her Hair regimen on Garance Dore liking that Solo keeps it simple using minimal products and takes time to care for her hair naturally!

"Carols Daughter Monoi oil shampoo and conditioner.
I also use raw shea butter every day and pure Argon oil when its really dry (so pure, it makes me smell like a basket of nuts)

Once a week I set up a time where I wash and deep condition and very carefully comb out my hair, always starting with the ends first.

Yesterday was that day, and so I literally popped in a dvd (My Week With Marilyn to be exact)…sectioned off my hair with clips, and combed.

I usually sit under a heat cap to penetrate the conditioner and when it’s all clean and rinsed, I twist it with two strands of hair into twists.

When I take them out, I shower again …not getting the hair wet, but letting the steam frizz my hair up a bit more.

Occasionally when I am tired of this lengthy regimen , I get braids or wear extensions in the same texture as my own hair to give myself a break"-Solange


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